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 Beijing Kedian Microwave Electronic Co., Ltd. was established on the basis of the former Beijing Kedian Microwave Electronic Compamy established by the Institute of Electronics,  Chinese Academy of Sciences. 
    Beijing Kedian Microwave Electronic Company was founded in May 1993, with its main function to exercise the import and export rights of the Institute and the enterprises affiliated thereto approved by the State. In April 1994, the 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th research offices of the Institute and the Medicine and Apparatus Dept.and the Electronic Engineering Dept. of a high-tech company affiliated thereto were incorporated into the Company. From then on, the Company witnessed a new stage of development. After years of successful operation, the Company finished its restructuring in October 2002 and was renamed Beijing Kedian Microwave Electronic Co., Ltd.

    Backed by the technologies and scientists & technicians of the Institute, Beijing kedian Microwave Electronic Co., Ltd. has brought its advantages in full play in the fields of  such technologies as laser, red ray, LED application and electronic engineering, etc., which are the integral part of the industrialization achievement of the Institute. In addition, the technologies and products such as argon ion laser, carbon dioxide (CO2) laser, Copper/Aurum vapor laser, the products of red ray therapeutic instrument series, electronic gun specially for accelerator, LED application and intelligent control, etc. have good performances in both social and economic activities like national celebration activities. Those technologies and products have a broad prospect in the green lighting, medical treatment & sanitation and high-tech exporting, etc.

    By keeping up with the time, Beijing kedian Microwave Electronic Co., Ltd. insists on the police of deploitation and innovation for development, and vigorously promotes the transformation of scientific and technological achievements, further speeds up the process of mass production and industrialization, and launches more social and international cooperation to make new breakthrough and development with the new mechanism and new thinking.